Rozin Black Ultrathin Padavin Tuš Glavo Stenske Tuš Roko Nosilec Bar 150 cm Tuš Cev Kopalnica Pipo, Set

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Črna Ultrathin Padavin Tuš Glavo

Črna Ultrathin Padavin Tuš Glavo Stenske Tuš Roko Nosilec Bar150cm Tuš Cev Kopalnica Pipo, Set

Krom Barva

Tuš glava + tuš roko +150 cm Tuš Cev

Črna Barva

Tuš glava + tuš roko +150 cm Tuš Cev

Zlati Barvi

Tuš glava + tuš roko +150 cm Tuš Cev

  • Material: Medenina
  • Tuš Roko Barve: Krom/Črna/Zlata
  • Blagovna Znamka: rozin
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Tuš Glavo: Iz nerjavečega Jekla 8/10/12 palčni
  • Certificiranje: CE
  • Tuš Cev: Nerjavno Jeklo 150 cm
  • Zaključek: Krom/Črna/Zlata
  • Številka Modela: RZ-32510
  • Nastavljiva Višina: No
  • Končna Površina: Polirano


Oznake: črna obleka, oblaganje sten, sistem tuš, bazena pipa, pipa, korito pipo, tuš set tuš, medenina keychain, črna mešalnik, moški tuš.

Mnenja in ocene

Bernardo P S A
The parcel came in 6 days. Everything works for now!
Lucaslopes Cruz
Departure from Russia, delivered quickly. Only now set, in appearance qualitatively, inside the mounting tube of the square watering can both rusty coating or this spraying of copper both lubrication and did not understand. There were no scratches, everything was in the package, the nozzle itself in the foam. To connect to the mixer had to buy 2 adapters and the same price on the market, but metal, and not plastic, what you can buy here for 300 rubles. The Rod of fastening is attached to 3 dupel nails, it is necessary to catch and figure out how it will be located, because when twisting the leaves of the watering can in course the points are turned not into the bottom, but to the side, but you can choose the thickness of the tape here and fix as needed. Works while excellent, I will observe, I hope the shower itself does not break down at the seams.
Petite Fleurs7
Super fast delivery, three days, quality like good, time will show, looks decent
Arsono Leuven
Very fast delivery, good quality, perfect.